Puzzlemusic/Spinalonga, 2011 8
Christos M.

Post-Rock...a genre of rock music that in the 00’s has witnessed great appeal and drafted hardcore fans, and has became the genre along side heavy metal and goth, that is treated and needs to be treated with special caution.

Why? It starts with the devotion of their fans and ends with the care and caution of the majority of the artists for their material.
In Greece, post rock has a solid group of fans, equal to that of the other two aforementioned genres that have been regularly strong in Greece. They are full at their shows, there is great demand for music, and the conversations regarding this genre and and all those who are around this genre, are always interesting and it is almost impossible to find one-time hitters who play accordingly to their fee.

Artists of this spectrum of music, are some of the most acclaimed out there, and the music is well crafted in production and knowledge, but it surplus the adequate sensitivity. Of course, the inert aesthetic of the music has bore many people, and anything related to post rock is dismissed, before they get a chance to listen to it.

There are no many suprises, of course, but how can one demand something fresher, when the almost ritual sound of climax and cathartic discharge, either under tension or absolute calm, doesn’t count for anything else but the spiritual satisfaction of getting from this music regarding a pursue of higher values?

The Misuse case has all of the above. Their second albu, coming three years after their first highly acclaimed effort, and contains five tracks of two parts each. It is exaclty what you would expect of a post rock band of their caliber.

Quality cover, which implements the world of “April” in the best possible way.
The flow doesn’t stop until the credits roll.
There are some breaks, but there are very subtle, or at least you think they are. This is  a sample of the amazaing job the guys have done with the flow, which works in a similar manner as those of the different takes in movies, which centralizes the them of dark colors, abstract nostlagia, the inner peaceful journey towards the cape of hope.
It is the time that you forget reality, and consciously let yourself absorb to the sound.
The relaxing familiarity, the orchestration and executing abilities of the band and the genre they minister, is letting room for our all of our senses to enjoy - musical pieces of high value and stellar production. If themselves believe that they have left the building of post rock, they still roam around it and with the projection of some electronics it makes the result sound even more etherial and dreamy.
April, is an extraordinary and well-made album, who serves above all the music itself. Greek post and wider rock community should let this ll’ gem in this year’s great and ever-escalating collection.


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