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Tropic of Cancer: Her Will Mixtape
the ough! team

Camella Lobo (Tropic of Cancer) talked to ough! and made an exclusive mix for our readers.

Her Will-A Tropic Of Cancer Mixtape for OUGH
(Intro) Title Unknown-Kendra Smith
Between Dog and Wolf-Young Hunting
Propagande-HNN (Hsilgne Nekrob Ni) 
Yama-Dead Skeletons
Nails-Grave Babies
Bone Is Bloodstone-LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus
Midnight Crimes-Sand Circles
Carved Head-Von Haze
Never Was-Pink Playground
Funeral Party-The Cure
Heron-The Sinistral Minority
The Process-Section 25
Thirteenth Time-Valet
Farwest Rider-Avrocar
Thru the Rhythm-Spectrum

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