Souvlaki Elvis: The King Lives
Georgia Papastamou

At the former space of an old butcher shop, on the corner of Plataion and Leonidiou, you’ll find Elvis alive and kicking and also hungry for more souvlaki.

Photo: Thodoris Markou.

At the brand new souvlaki joint in Metaxourgeio, besides the glass display with the inscription “Elvis” in Greek characters there’s also another detail foretelling you that everything is gonna be alright: the menu. All in all make up for three lines written with chalk on a blackboard. The shop is serving pork souvlaki and chicken, kebab and sausage (all skewed). This welcome simplicity is confirmed also later on when you chomp down the supple, juicy, and satisfying souvlaki. On the side, some fries and pita at most. 

It would be too romantic if we’d expected that both shop owners to be Elvis die-hards. Actually, they’re two lads from Crete that also own the cafeteria “Kerameio”, a couple of blocks away. The story of how the name was chosen goes like that: the former butcher shop, was also used for the shootings of a Greek TV series. One of the characters of the series was a butcher and his shop was called “Elvis”, end of story.

You cant help but gaze at The King, who's painted on the big refrigerator at the background. Inside the fridge you’ll notice refreshments -locally produced in Crete- and enough raki (a spirit traditionally produced in Crete) to make you sing Suspicious Mind in the traditional Cretan idiom. 

Plataion 29 and Leonidiou, Kerameikos, 210 34 55 836
Open from 12:00 pm to 03:00, Friday and Saturady up to 05:00 am


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