Oough! cartoon tunes covers part 1
the ough! team

The first part of our collection!

Dozen Draft, Monday Night Fever, Gdaddie, Spaced Cowboy, 3dot and Giganta in the lost Andromeda of our childhood.

 OUGH! asked some artists to remake their favorite children’s’ song.  After a strong popular demand and many hours in front of the PC, watching episodes of Kabamaru on Youtube, the first six covers are ready. Cartoon lovers, fans of Thundercats, or of Sport Billy, little Goku’s, and naughty Sailor Moons, prepared and presented their own versions of the intro tunes that we all came to love when we were younger.

In the first part of the OUGH!’s music collection, Spaced Cowboy confronts his childhood’s hero, Colt, from the legendary Saber Rider, Monday Night Fever remakes the beat of the Lion King jungle, Gdaddie takes out of the “box of fairytales” and 3dot reenacts the absolute trademark sound of 80’s. Meanwhile, Dozen Draft experiments with the pentatonic scale of the Chinese Fairytales and Giganta re-edits Thundercats creating a new version and replacing the guitars with softsynths.

You can download them from soundcloud. 

#1 Spaced Cowboy-Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs


#2 Monday Night Fever - Timon & Pumbaa


#3 Giganta - Thundercats (thundera pt1)


#4 GDaddie - The Box


#5 Dozen Draft - Κινέζικα Παραμύθια


#6 3dot - Ghostbusters

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