Kid Flicks’ artistic face
Mr. Z

Besides a musician, Kid Flicks is also an artist –with constructs and tens of notepads filled with his sketches.  This is what he disclosed to Mr. Z.

“A long story” is perhaps the most appropriate characterization of how I met little “flight”.  It goes a few years back, when we had our first chat at the closed down (nowadays) Jinx Records in Asklipiou street.  Back then Nikos wasn’t into art and music composition, but he already had all these ideas in his bogged-down mind.  His full of the horrors of tracking down rare vinyl records of Residents and Vertigo comics mind. 

Some –and definitely much more- know about him because of his earlier music activities, as Flight36b and now as Kid Flicks and some others for his works in art as Nikos Dervisis.  Two months ago, he’s had his debut in LP’s on Inner Ear, a vinyl record with a CD and some new tracks in his soundcloud.  As he confided in me, he will stop until the coming summer –when we’ll meet again in, our home-island’s crystal waters, Leykada- his activities in music to focus on his foremost love, painting, having already finished his second record and continuing his gigs in Athens.  We sneak up in his studio/home we uncover some of the dark corners of his mind… silently, without music.


How long have you been sketching?

Ever since I was a kid, 5 years old.  When finishing high school I devoted myself on a band that I used to have, by playing the bass.  Later, in the graphic design school, I discovered my need for more broad expression and from then I started constructing my artistic persona. 

Why do you sketch?

Because I can’t do otherwise (I’m unemployed). 

What do you usually sketch?

I sketch faces, myself, smudges and notes.  I destroy anything I don’t like, recreating it from scratch.

Why do you sketch yourself?

Name one artist who doesn’t do so. 

Are you considering an exhibition?

Having completed already enough works and having more underway, in coordination with other 3 artists, the collective team Beart Athens we try to gather material for the setup of a large, common exhibition. 

Do you have any thoughts of writing a book?

I used to entertain this thought, attempting to create a comic, but I really suck at writing scripts… For a series of sketches, I wouldn’t say no though!  I don’t see it going somewhere in the near future. 

What is your favorite artist?

If I could only think of only one, that would be Cy Twombly, whose school of thought has had a great impact on me, but I can’t think of one only so I will have to mention some more names like Paul McCarthy, Christian Marclay, John Baldessari, and Paper Rad.  I stop here, because the day isn’t long enough for this discussion.

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